10 Tips to Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking

Let us ask you this: Have you ever been in a situation, such as a social gathering (imagine your best mate’s birthday party), where you had been looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and fun and escaping the monotonous routine, even if it is a momentary triumph? Sounds too relatable, doesn’t it? However, it is about to get more personal if you are a vape enthusiast.

One of the ways through which you decided to unwind your mind and body was your trusty vape device. Sadly, as you feel a sensation of stickiness on your shirt, you realize that your favorite e-liquid has been spilled all over your favorite dress shirt, and now not only are you uncomfortable, but at a loss of money, e-liquid, an outfit for parties, and an overall good experience. But, of course, we wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?

Fortunately, this is not a unique experience that happens to only the chosen, unlucky ones. Unfortunately, it is so frequent but also very manageable. Don’t believe us? Keep reading the tips we have shared below to avoid such an instance as troubling as the one described above, and hopefully, you will be able to avoid a leaking central tube, a faulty vape tank, or some other misfortune soon enough!

Tip # 1: Inhale and take it slow

The wear and tear of any device may so often occur due to poor use or manner of use of the said device that it leads to gradual but important flaws. For example, it’s possible that when you take short breaths on an e-cigarette, you’re drawing e-liquid into the coil assembly more quickly than it can be vaporized.

That only allows you to utilize the central tube as a funnel to suction up any remaining liquid, which could result in leakage. Although it takes some time and practice, the answer to this problem is not very difficult and does not require a replacement.

Extending the length of your breaths and breathing slowly but adequately, in and out, savoring the moment, is what you need to do! Even with a light breath, you’ll inhale vapor; yet, the coil won’t overflow.

Tip # 2: Time to tighten the tank

Make sure the coil is correctly inserted. The coil provides a barrier in a vape tank that prevents e-liquid leakage. The e-liquids are likely to leak until the coils are positioned correctly. To ensure the coils are where they should be, press them inside the vape device.

Tip # 3: The higher the VG, the better

The viscosity of higher VG e-liquids is usually thicker, and they are less inclined to leak through the seams in the vape tanks. These will assist users in avoiding flooding the coil and stopping leaks because they are sturdier.

Tip # 4: Keep it clean

E-liquids must always be warmed to turn into vapors. This is because the chimney commonly develops moisture due to warm vapors. E-liquids, however, can seep into the airflow mouthpiece and chimney when you haven’t inhaled for long enough, or the e-cigarette hasn’t heated up sufficiently.

You can remove any remaining e-liquid particles and carry on vaping normally by wiping the chimney.

Tip # 5: Perform an inspection

It is time to put your Sherlock hat on and look for clues! There might be a faulty glass, a device crack, or another problem you may have overlooked. So carefully inspect your vape device and check for flaws.

Tip # 6: Look for glass cracks

Glass with little, tiny faults is particularly prone to e-liquid leakage. When that occurs, the tank needs a new glass.

Thankfully, most companies now provide extra vape glasses, which can be less expensive. Some individuals who choose from the right brand are lucky enough to discover an extra glass in the packing the tank was shipped. Using this privilege, they can just replace it and use it without hassle!

Tip # 7: Replace parts timely

Parts such as resistance coils need to be replaced time and again. Coils should be frequently replaced since they are disposable. Older coils might become obstructed in addition to burning more quickly as they get older.

Tip # 8: Settings are important

The fitted coil and selected e-liquid should be altered for vape devices with different power settings. In addition, the vape device’s strength should be chosen to match the recommended voltage levels for each coil.

Tip # 9: Get a good quality Vape Device

Many products still appear to be completely leak-proof for a lot of people. There is equipment that performs well for the majority of users but does result in leaks for a small number of vapers.

Technological advancements are continually improving the ability of tanks to withstand leaks. Everything less than 70% coil VG stands a good probability of leaking for coil units that need a significant amount of power because of the thin viscosity of PG.

Tip # 10: Properly Fill your Vape Tank

It might seem like you may know how to appropriately fill up the vape tanks, but it is not usually practiced appropriately. A central tube that runs from the coil to the mouthpiece is a feature of vape tanks.

You may get some e-liquid in there, but at least, in this case, the leakage is apparent almost immediately. It is crucial to ensure not to get any e-liquid in the central tube when filling up. When it is to be filled, it is better to tilt the tank at an angle of 45 degrees.

By doing this, you can be sure that the liquid will flow along the inside of the tank’s glass (or whichever material it is made up of) and as distant enough from the center tube as feasible. Then, slowly but carefully, straighten the tank as it fills to prevent any waste of liquid.

Also, it might seem tempting to fill the tank, but a small amount of air in the tank creates a vacuum that keeps the e-liquid in the chamber by holding it there.

Remember, all these tips mentioned above to avoid a vape tank from leaking or some other causes of spillage of e-liquid are preventative measures that you need to be careful about. It saves time and money and gets you the excellent experience you had been longing for with your trusty vape, your favorite e-liquid flavor, and the right place to enjoy all the vape device promises to help you experience!