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Refresh and indulge with the high-performance range from Vaper Choice


Since 2015, Vaper Choice has become a leading destination for Aussie puffers looking to extract potent flavours and blossoming vapour clouds they haven’t seen or tasted before. As a vape store started by vapers for vapers, you can keep your finger on the pulse with the latest devices, e-liquids, accessories and dry herb vapes to take your vaping style to a new paradigm of power and flavour.

Whether you’re visiting us in person or browsing our vape shop online, our experienced team can guide you to build the perfect rig to satisfy your senses with an effortless operation. Browse our entire collection today to rip clouds and sample the full menu of flavours from our local and international vape juices.

Vaper Choice online vape store — your first and only destination for satisfying vape kits and mods


When it comes to creating the ultimate setup that will see you blowing clouds from one season to the next, you can choose from leading and emerging brands to amplify your experience. From classic names like Geekvape, Vaporesso, Voopoo and Uwell to limited edition collaborations and boutique labels, you can enjoy everything at your fingertips at one of the biggest online vape stores in Australia.

From starter kits offering pen vapes and pod vapes that comfortably fit in your hand and pocket to mod vapes that offer dynamic control, our vape shop offers a varied selection of vape devices for every kind of vaper. Whether you want to extract the nuanced flavours from your flower with a dry herb vape or take control and design your own setup with our DIY vape accessories — whatever you need, you’ll find it at Vaper Choice.

Fuel your device with Australian and international e-liquids and taste a rainbow of flavours such as saccharine desserts, tangy fruits, effervescent drinks and cocktails, and even rich cigar flavours. With an exciting range to test and discover every day, you can blow clouds and savour a menu of delectable and sensory flavours.

Shop the biggest vape shop online in Australia at Vaper Choice


If you want to cultivate the ultimate vaping experience, Vaper Choice is your trusty local and online vape store for kitting you out with high-tier vapes, accessories and e-liquids. Explore our entire range and reward yourself with high-quality models devoted to lavishing you with a symphony of exciting flavours and dense clouds to fill the room.

Want to stay on top of your vaping game? Check out our sale items to find your next addition at a competitive price. Also, we invite you to read our blog to stay updated with the latest vape trends and news. For more information, review our FAQs and terms and conditions, or if you need help choosing a model for yourself, feel free to contact us — we’re happy to help.

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About Us

Online Vape Shop in Sydney, Australia

Vaper Choice first opened its doors in 2015 serving all vape enthusiasts with their vaping needs from a wide range of Electronic Cigarettes, starter kits, e-liquids/e-juices. and vaping mods.

Vaper Choice has 3 retail stores that you can visit here in Sydney, Australia. Our first retail vape store in Bankstown, opened in 2015 along with our online vape store where you can shop for your vaping needs 24/7! Followed by a second retail store in Surry Hills and a third retail vape shop in Rydalmere.

Voted Finalist in Local Business Award 2020-2021, Vaper Choice aims towards customer satisfaction whether you’re just starting into vapes or an advanced vaper, we will do our best to get all your vaping needs. We are a dedicated team, committing to help you with nothing but the best, whatever your taste and budget are. We make sure that every product we offer is completely safe and 100% genuine quality.

Moreover, all our products come with a warranty of 6 months that saves you in case any faults are found in the product. In short, we offer you with everything that you need to fulfil your vaping ecstasy.


Vapes are portable battery-operated devices that use convection and conduction to heat and vaporise e-liquids into an aerosol. They’re designed to mimic the experience of smoking, without inhaling carbon from combusted tobacco leaves, while delivering a flavourful experience when inhaled into the mouth (mouth-to-lung vaping) or drawn into your lungs (direct-to-lung vaping).

  • Battery — Designed to power your device for hands-free use, most vapes utilise integrated batteries or removable rechargeable sets in 18650 or 21700 sizes. Our vape store’s team will provide you with all the information needed to maintain your battery’s efficiency and safety.
  • Atomizer and vape tanks — Our vape shop offers a wide range of vape tanks that house your coil and e-liquid.
  • Coil — The coil is a small wire or metal component that heats up when the battery is activated.
  • E-liquid — E-liquids are a mixture of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavourings and other agents that turn into a delectable vapour when heated.
  • Mouthpiece — Otherwise known as a drip tip, they’re an ergonomic component from where you draw the vapour. They can be either fixed or removable, enabling you to update your device’s design.

Our online vape store in Australia has become a popular destination for people looking for a reliable smoking cessation device. While our lungs aren’t designed to accept anything but oxygen, vapes help to minimise your exposure to the extensive chemicals found in treated and combustible tobacco products.

Additionally, the e-liquids available in our online vape shop are primarily blended from a mix of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which are water-based solutions to create vapour. While many smokers find comfort in the hand-to-mouth action and inhaling and exhaling, vapes offer a fantastic option to replace behaviours and help you transition away from smoking.

It’s easier and quicker to list what isn’t available! With one of the largest collections of e-liquid flavours at our online vape store, you can choose to puff on dessert and lolly-inspired creations, take a sip on a beverage-style vape juice, enjoy the zingy taste of fruit or brood over classic cigar flavours. Many of our varieties feature menthol that cools the vapour and your throat for the most satisfying experience.

Following a regular cleaning and maintenance program will ensure your vape runs efficiently and can extract your e-liquid’s potent flavour and voluminous vapour for maximum effect.

When you pay a visit to our vape shop, the Vaper Choice team can guide you through specific instructions tailored to your model, but for general advice, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your device and disassemble the tank and mod components.
  1. With a damp microfibre cloth, wipe over the device’s casing and the chamber holding the batteries if they’re removable.
  1. In a warm water bath and a mild detergent, soak your vape tank, mouthpiece and debris away with a soft-bristled brush. E-liquid often leaves a stubborn residue that can easily be removed with isopropyl alcohol.
  1. Rinse your components, wipe them with a dry cloth to remove excess water and allow them to completely air-dry.
  1. Replace worn parts, such as O-rings that maintain your device’s seal and coils, that have been over-used and taste burnt.
  1. Reassemble your vape, refill your vape tank or pod, puff away and enjoy.

Yes — vapes, e-liquids and other accessories can only be purchased by adults aged 18 and over from our online vape store in Australia.

Most new vapers opt for a classic vape pen or pod system when they visit our physical and online vape shop. Not only are they more compact and fit more comfortably in your hand and pocket, but they also offer fewer customisable settings, so you can confidently vape at the correct wattage for your coil and e-liquid’s VG: PG ratio.

With a more intuitive design, most starter kits feature innovative sensors that detect the coil you’re using and automatically set the wattage within an optimal range for a fuss-free operation. To find a vape that perfectly matches your needs, visit us in-store or contact us online for helpful guidance.

Vape mods are advanced devices that give you more control over your experience and enable you to experiment with different vaping styles, including sub-ohm, high-wattage and squonk vaping. These mods allow you to adjust the wattage, volt and temperature control settings to swap between RTA, RBA, RTD and RTDA atomizers.

While they can reward you with denser clouds and flavours, they can be too complex for people just beginning their vaping journey. We suggest trying a vape pen or pod vape for your first kit.

We offer a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase, pending proof of purchase is provided and it meets our return policy.

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